2020 RightEye Impact Award Finalist Debra Holtzhauer

Debra Holtzhauer, of Listowel VIsion Care, is one of the six 2020 RightEye Impact Award finalists who utilized RightEye technology in their practice to dramatically improve the life of one or more of their patients, as well as their professional ability to successfully treat patients suffering from vision dysfunction.

The RightEye Impact Award is designed to recognize, honor and celebrate the many unsung accomplishments of doctors across the globe transforming peoples’ lives through functional vision healthcare.

Debra says her patient Pat had lasting pain and vision issues after a concussion. After a RightEye test and vision therapy, she was able to get her life back.

Take a moment to listen to her compelling story. . .

Pat’s Story

Holtzhauer’s 34-year old female patient was kicked in the head while milking a cow. Her resulting concussion left with her persistent pain and vision issues that impacted her ability to sew, cook, drive, read, etc.

After a RightEye test and vision therapy, all symptoms were eliminated or greatly reduced. Pain meds were no longer needed and she was able to resume her daily activities such as cooking for her family and bringing her children to appointments and activities.

RightEye is the world’s first commercialized eye-tracking system for general healthcare and wellness. It is designed to quickly, easily and accurately expose vision and brain health in ways impossible with standard eye tests.

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